Living in

Higher States



The Key to a Successful, Happy and Fulfilled Life


"Whatever you think and hold in consciousness as being so, outmanifests itself in your body or affairs."

-Neville Goddard

Is This You

My results coaching is most effective for those who are looking for one or more of the following:  

  • Wanting to unlock a higher level of meaning and purpose  

  • Wanting more joy, fulfillment, and success 

  • Wanting to be more attuned to relationships, health, and creative expression 

  • Feeling "stuck" but don't know why  

I'm here to help you gain clarity on what YOU really want in life, connect to who YOU truly are, and step into YOUR power to start living life at a whole new level of peace, joy, freedom, abundance and FUN!

Through a unique approach to my results coaching you will:

 - embark on a path of personal growth, developing a deep understanding of Universal Laws and Energy Alignment. 

 - learn how to access your Inner Guidance to consciously, intentionally and deliberately create more of what you want.

 - have a clear-headed and confident stride in whatever you tackle.

 - know what actions to take to move forward and what to let go of that is keeping you stuck.

 - be creating external success, while maintaining an internal sense of peace and ease.

 - no longer feel like a victim of circumstances in your life, but will know how to control your circumstances.

We ALL have the ability to live from this place. It is our birthright. It has just been drained out of us through our life.

It would be my honor and privilege to help you get back on track and show you the proven path to manifesting all of your desires and enjoy the abundance of everything that is rightfully yours.


About Me

My passion for wanting to share my knowledge came after experiencing an amazing  turnaround in my own life. Yes, all-in-all things were good, but I knew in my heart there was more to life than what I was observing and encountering, both personally and all around me. I felt that there was a secret to TRUE success and happiness, that few people really understood, and that I needed to know. This burning desire took me on a journey of discovery as I researched, studied and then implemented what I was learning and created astonishing results for both myself and those closest to me, and now would love to share with you.

As a Transformational Teacher and Coach, I specialize in helping you surmount obstacles, breakthrough limitations, build your dreams, accelerate your results, and create a richer, more fulfilling life, not only by teaching you about Universal Spiritual Principles and Energy Alignment, but also by supporting you as you implement the principles into your daily life, building a mindset that elevates your human potential to a completely new level.

I am a Certified Dreambuilder Coach with the Life Mastery Institute, The Premiere Training Center for Transformational Coaching. I am also certified as an Infinite Possibilities Trainer, and a Passion Test Facilitator. I studied Law of Attraction and Universal Principles in a year-long program with the Quantum Success Coaching Academy, and am certified as a Law of Attraction Life Coach, as well as a Certified Reiki Master.


"Since I had the pleasure of meeting Sharon and have her as my life coach, she has led my life in a positive forward motion. I've struggled with self-confidence and esteem issues from the time I was a teenager and always felt like I was in a rut. Sharon has given me a better understanding of how life really works. She educated me about the Law of Attraction, and how my thoughts and beliefs become reality. Now I focus on today and the future and how bright it is and continues to only get better. My life has become a much happier place, and for that I will be forever grateful.

Thank you so much Sharon!! :)" 




You absolutely have the innate ability

to create and live the life of your dreams!

This may seem like a bold statement, but that's because up until now you have possibly been living from a very limited view on life. You came here to THRIVE, not survive! Once you learn how to apply Universal Principles & Energy Alignment in your life, you will fully come to understand that life was not meant to be so difficult, and that you are truly meant to have it all! 


In my Group and 1-on-1 Coaching Programs you will learn to:

  • Overcome your blocks and self-sabotaging behavior

  • Tap into inspired action vs action with struggle

  • Change patterns that don't serve you anymore

  • Master your life, by mastering your mind

And...Create the RESULTS you really want again and again!

Through Leading Edge Success Coaching you will be growing in consciousness which will ultimately have an effect on who you are becoming, which will in turn affect all areas of your life. As you come to learn and live by these principles you will enjoy better health, stronger relationships, more opportunities and even increased financial well-being.


Tapping Into Your Full Potential
3 Keys to Becoming Who You Want to Be 
Having What You Want to Have

Most of us go through so much of our life wishing and hoping for things, never realizing that there is actually an exact science to getting what we really want. We get locked into the idea that this is just how things are meant to be. But this is not true and you no longer need to feel stuck. When you learn how to connect your inner and outer being, and understand just how things manifest, and then align with the Laws of the Universe, the things you want will flow to you much more easily. You really can achieve all that you desire. 



It would be my honor and privilege to present this life-changing information to your group. I can adjust the talk to work within your unique time frame. Please contact me so we can work out the details.

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