I'm Sharon


In service as a spiritual teacher and coach, I bring deep love and care to you so you no longer sacrifice your deeper needs, and you become free and fully expressed to bring your light to the world.




My life was GREAT, or at least I thought so.

I was a good student and cheerleader in high school, went on to a prestigious university, had a successful career in the dental field, had loving relationships, good health, married a fantastic guy, raised two beautiful daughters who also went on to be successful, and I enjoyed it all! BUT through these joyous times, I wasn't always completely content, often feeling there's got to be more to life. So, I would try this new venture or that new idea, only ever to struggle through it and eventually give up and return to the facts at hand and allow myself to think "I guess this is just what my life is supposed to be. So, all is good."

The problem though

is when your Inner Guidance is trying to get your attention, and you ignore it, It speaks louder and more often. It doesn't give up, even though you may learn to cope and block it out at times. You see, your longing and discontent for something more is that gap between where you are and where you are being called to be to reach your full potential. Your Higher Self (Spirit) is always trying to guide you toward your best life. It will start with small nudges, but when you ignore the call, this sometimes turns into a life-altering event to get you on the right path.

I feel very blessed 

that I didn't have any major life-altering event occur before I just finally made the decision to explore this call. I cut back to working part-time at my job, dove heavily into reading personal development books, and eventually studied with many of the top names in Metaphysics and Spirituality - learning all about Universal Laws, Energy Alignment, Inner Guidance, and Mindset. When I started practicing what I was learning my new level of happiness, peace, and connection gave me such a sense of freedom, power, and security, that I knew I had found the Truth of Life. And right along with this, all areas of my life started to blossom. With this new perspective and understanding, I had found the answer to that nagging feeling of "there's got to be something more". Ironically I had always felt I wanted to be a teacher, yet I never left my career to pursue that calling. Well, now, as I finally have listened to my Inner Guidance I am now doing what I feel I was meant to do!

As a Spiritual Empowerment and Results Coach 

I specialize in helping you to habitually live from higher states of consciousness in order to surmount obstacles, breakthrough limitations, build your dreams, accelerate your results, and create a richer, more fulfilling life. Not only will you learn about Universal Spiritual Principles and Energy Alignment at a deep level, but I will also be supporting you as you implement these principles into your daily life, building a Mindset that elevates your human potential to a completely new level.

I help you to honor, value, and love you and your dreams and desires, and trust your Inner Guidance to say YES to your YES in spite of what others think, or what the physical appearance of things suggests you can or can't do. As you embody these Spiritual Principles, you will learn how to embrace the challenges along the way and use them to grow. I also help you release your past and take the lessons and blessings from it all and let the rest go.


So the big question is

"Are you truly ready for your life to change?"

If you are, and if what I am saying resonates with you, then the most powerful way to move forward, whether it's to remove struggle from your life or to experience more success, is with one-on-one attention. I invite you now to book a


to explore this amazing opportunity more in-depth and get a taste of what's to come.